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Learning to surf is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences you can have with nature. No matter what your age or ability, there is a wave out there for everyone!

This website is designed for you to search for a surf school in your area. Whatever your reason for wanting to try this great Australian pastime, there will be a Surfing Australia Surf School waiting to provide you with a truly memorable experience.

Surfing Australia is a not-for-profit incorporated National Sporting Organisation formed in 1963 to establish, guide and promote the development of surfing in Australia.  Surfing Australia is Australia's representative body on the International Surfing Association (ISA), of which there are over 70 member countries, and is recognised by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), the Australian Olympic Committee and is a member of the Water Safety Council of Australia.  Our member Surf Schools are regulated and quality assured annually to ensure the highest standards of operations in the world.  Every coach is accredited under the national coaching accreditation scheme and lessons are delivered to a proven and successful structure.

Just make sure you keep an eye out for our Surfing Australia Surf Schools logo so you can be sure you are in safe hands, and GOOD LUCK!

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